Terms of use

Welcome to your furniture, a social platform that connects homeowners with professionals in all areas of home design.

These terms of use specify the agreement between you as a user and the location of your furniture, and control your use of the products and services we offer you through our website and applications (referred to as "your furniture location", "furniture" or "furniture platform"). This agreement also provides important information to you, including information about your commitment to your content, the limits of our responsibility to you, your agreement to resolve any dispute by individual arbitration and waiving the right to participate in a class action. By accessing your furniture, you agree to the following conditions:

Your furniture provides translation of the English version of the terms of use in other languages, and any translation of these terms of use is only available for your convenience, and it is the Arabic version that governs your relationship with your furniture. Moreover, if there are any contradictions between the Arabic version of the terms of use with any other translated version, the Arabic version is in force

Terms of use

Use your furniture                                                                                      

Registration: Access to certain functions on your furniture platform requires you to register on the site, and if you register with us, you agree to provide us with accurate information and constantly update it to ensure its accuracy. At your furniture, we deal with your personal information provided to us when registering on the site in accordance with our privacy policy, and you can register in your furniture using the third-party service (such as registering using Facebook), authorizing us to enter, store and use your information from this entity as permitted by that service, as described in our Privacy Policy. If you believe that someone has hacked into your account or your account has been misused, please contact your furniture customer service immediately.

Privacy Policy: You can access our privacy policy on the site at any time. By accessing your furniture platform, you agree to accept what is mentioned in the Privacy Policy, regardless of whether you are registered with us or not.

Profile of experts, partners, exhibitors and service providers: If you are a professional service provider, exhibitor or partner, you can set up your profile as an expert/professional, service provider or producer. If you do so, you give us the right to manage your profile on our list of experts and service providers, you will be able to communicate with others on your furniture platform, and your profile we have is subject to our privacy policy.

Termination: Your furniture platform has the right to suspend or terminate your use of the site at any time and for any reason without notifying you, or to assume the slightest liability to you, as we may terminate your furniture account at any time and for any reason, including your violation of any of our site policies. Some agreed terms and conditions will remain even after you have terminated your use of the site.

Acceptable use

As part of your furniture terms policy, you agree not to use information, services or any part of your furniture platform to take any action or actions that can:

Contrary to the overall image of your furniture and reputation, it promotes any illegal activity or content, including but not limited to animal and child abuse, violence, and the illegal use of drugs and alcohol. Violation of copyright, trademark, patents, property rights, privacy policies for your furniture or any third party.

- Any express or implicit expression that appears to be your data, activities or issues are based on us without our prior written consent in each case.

Violation of any applicable law, system, decree or regulation, or any encouragement of any conduct constituting any criminal offence or civil liability. Any defamation, threat, harassment, violation of privacy, abuse, torture, display of hatred, discrimination, or even any pornographic suggestions.

Transfer of any commercial secret or other material, or any confidential information about any person or company without any permission.

Restrict or prevent any other visitor from using your furniture platform, including but not limited to hacking or hiding/erasing any part of the platform. Modify, configure, license, translate, sell, reverse engineering, or unpack or dismantle any part of your furniture platform.

Remove any copyright, trademarks or other property rights notices contained in your furniture platform.

License, sell, lease, transfer, appoint or transfer ownership of any rights under these terms to any third party, commercially exploit them or make a profit through information or content on your furniture platform, or any part of it in any way, except as expressly permitted here.

- Put or reverse the image of any part of your furniture platform without prior written permission from us.

- Publish any viruses or other malicious software files, or interfere with or disable any services or equipment by increasing the load rate on the racks of your furniture platform or any of its licensees or suppliers with the intention of harming.

 Intervene, participate, publish, or distribute spam, spam, serial messages, hierarchies, other unwanted objects, or even commercial emails.

- Use any manual method or any of the spider applications or robots or applications of retrieval or search for data, or even any automatic or manual applications to retrieve or index data in your furniture platform in any way to reproduce, reuse or invalidate the navigation structure or display form of the platform or its content, assets and security measures.

Falsifying the interface or manipulating other identifiers in order to hide sources.

- Perform any form of monitoring or operating a network analyzer or any other technologies in order to intercept, unpack, search or display any messages between your furniture platform servers, or other data not intended for you.

 - Collect or collect information about any visitor to your furniture platform without express consent or contain any reference to or similarity to a specific third party, unless express consent is obtained from these individuals, their parents/legal guardian if they are under the age of majority.

Your content

Define your content: Your furniture platform enables you to publish materials, including but not limited to photos, selfies, messages, and comments. You can also evaluate third-party service providers, products and services. All the material you display on the platform will be known as "your content", and you acknowledge and agree, as part of the use of your furniture, that your content is displayed and seen by everyone and will not be treated as confidential or private content.

 Allow your content to be used: You grant our platform, our affiliates and licensed companies without compensation, whether for you or others, a non-exclusive, permanent, non-cancellable, free, free, fully paid and global license (including the right to collect in several stages), using, producing, processing, preparing, publicly presenting, modifying or preparing derivative works, publishing, transferring and classifying your content, or any part of it worldwide in any way or means of publishing (whether or not) They were known or later created) for the duration of your copyright or any other rights to your content. Such authorization would be permanent and should not be revoked for any reason, to the maximum extent permitted by law.

Moreover, to the extent permitted by law you waive and undertake not to assert any ethical rights that may be present in your content. If you identify yourself by name, image, voice or video for you, you allow us, our affiliates and licensees without compensation for you or others to reproduce, print and publish your name, voice, or similar ideas in any way or to any media (whether known or later created) and to all parts of the world. This license will always be revoked for any reason, except as required by applicable law, and you agree that we may not use your content in any way that we do not consider appropriate or necessary.

Ownership: We agree and recognize that you or any of your licensees are applicable to you and that you hold the property or copyright rights of your content, taking into account the non-exclusive rights granted to us in the previous paragraph, and that none of our property rights will be transferred to us under this agreement. Moreover, with regard to your photo content, taking into account the products and user experience on your furniture:

(a) We will use these images within valid business frameworks to maintain them and assign them to you as provided to us by you.

 (b) We will not allow individual third parties to collect images, unless they are for commercial purposes to furniture you, if your furniture's commercial objectives are concerned with any use related to the location of your furniture, furniture platform or any site that has a direct business relationship with your furniture, application, services or publications of your furniture platform or participation in it, or any kind of advertising, marketing or promotion of the platform of services or information contained in your furniture or affiliates. These goals specifically include using your content on your furniture platform with respect to the features and functionality your furniture offers users to enable them to browse and interact with your content.

Your responsibility to your content: By posting your content on your furniture platform, you acknowledge and guarantee that you own the property rights to this content, or that you have all the necessary licenses from any of the parties concerned to use your content in this way. This includes obtaining the right to grant us the rights to use your content in accordance with this agreement. You are the best one who can judge whether your content violates the intellectual property or personal rights of any third party, and you are responsible for this, and you are responsible for asserting that this content does not violate any of this requirement of use or any copyright, publishing and trademark policies in your furniture or any applicable law or regulation. You also agree to pay all fees, fees and any other funds owed to anyone because of your content

Limits: We reserve the right to modify, summarize or remove your content entirely for any reason (which includes any reported violation of terms of use, copyright and trademarks), and we reserve the right to modify or refuse to publish that content that you have sent for any reason and without notice.

Comments: Your furniture enables you to post reviews. The ratings you write are your own content.

The site is just a channel of communication, where users can meet and interact with each other in order to buy and sell goods

Your furniture does not sell or buy goods, and it cannot be a party to any transaction and is not bound in any way on behalf of any of the seller or buyers using the site.

Your furniture does not guarantee that the buyer or seller will make the transaction but accepts that the seller will return it or return it. If it meets the requirements of the shipping and refund policy published on the website.

You will not hold your furniture responsible for users in terms of content, actions, reactions, goods or information they display.

Your furniture is not responsible for non-compliance or a contract between (users, nor is it responsible for transferring the legal ownership of goods from the seller to the buyer). The contract for the sale of any goods will be bilateral between the seller and the buyer. At no moment is your furniture, the right, the authority or the interest in any goods, and your furniture has no obligation or claims for that goods, for which there is a contract between the seller and the buyer.

Your furniture is not responsible for any unsatisfactory or delayed performance by either party, nor for any losses, failures or delays, due to unavailable goods or delayed delivery.

Your furniture is not required to mediate or resolve any dispute or problem between users.

Your furniture does not control and does not guarantee the quality, security and legitimacy of any goods advertised, nor does it control the honesty of users in terms of contents and what they include in the description of their goods, nor in the ability of sellers to market their goods, nor does the buyer pay the price of the goods.

Your furniture does not control and does not guarantee the quality, security and legitimacy of any goods advertised, nor does it control the honesty of users in terms of contents and what they include in the description of their goods, nor in the ability of sellers to market their goods, nor does the buyer pay the price of the goods.

Your furniture does not guarantee the quality specifications or value or the extent of its popularity in the markets which is the responsibility of the seller and buyer to check all goods before selling them

Your furniture is not a supplier or manufacturer of any type of goods sold or purchased on the site.

Your furniture does not represent or guarantee the specifications of users in terms of their legitimacy, credibility and identity.

Your furniture is not responsible for the level of security of any links (Link) to outside the site and if the address of the link is displayed on the pages of your furniture displays its goods on the pages of a third party, and your furniture does not guarantee that it is free of viruses or any destructive means, you know and agree that your furniture is not responsible for the content or the presence of such sites.

Users alone must agree on the method, terms and conditions of delivery, payment, among themselves, as your furniture is not responsible in such arrangements, and it only provides optional services for shipping and facilitating payment, advertising products and services and charges a commission for it.

Your furniture does not bear any claims arising from errors or negligence, whether you have obtained a measure or from a third party.

Your furniture excludes from its guarantees, terms and conditions any financial losses, defamation, and any special damages arising from your misuse or inability to use the site, and your furniture does not assume any responsibilities or claims in such cases.

You exempt your furniture and/or any of its officials and representatives, in connection with any claim, dispute, costs, damages, liability, and any direct loss to any party arising from an act by the users of the site, and you in particular waive in accordance with applicable laws any claim in this regard.

By posting comments, you acknowledge and agree to

(1) You are not a manager, employee or official (party concerned) for the work whose products or services are the subject of comments,

(2) You are not a party concerned with parties or individuals competing with the parties or individuals you have evaluated, their products or services,

(3) You are not relevant in any way to companies and individuals whose products and services are the subject of such comments.

(4) Your comment is based on your first-hand experience with this product, work or individual services that are the subject of such comments

(5) Your comment is accurate, honest and complete.

(6) Your comment does not violate any of our policies, including defamation, threats, harassment, privacy, abuse, display of hatred, discrimination or any pornographic suggestions, as defined by your furniture. v. If you receive cash compensation or other incentive to write or make a comment, this will be mentioned in your comment even if the amount is simple

(7) You will not use, publish or remove your comment to claim payment by any business or individual, except for rejecting refund requests for a bad experience with customers

The content and materials of your furniture define our content and materials: All intellectual property rights in or related to your furniture platform (including but not limited to our software, furniture marks and platform logo, with the exception of your content), are the property of asask, its affiliates and licensees. License that we grant you as a regular user of the site: subject to these terms of use, including the restrictions below, we grant you limited and non-exclusive licenses to use and access our content and materials in connection with the use of your furniture platform, except as expressly agreed upon and otherwise (e.g., your eligibility to create a professional file or enter into a sales, advertising or other agreement with us) your use of the platform is limited to personal, non-commercial and profitable use. We may terminate this license at any time and for any reason, except rights and licenses  
Granted to you in these terms, we retain all other rights and grant other rights and licenses implicitly or otherwise. Do not securitization or authentication: Please note that your furniture platform enables you to access third-party content, products and services, and that it provides a service to interact with them without any control over them. We assume no responsibility, support or verify the content, offers or behaviour of third parties (including but not limited to third-party products and services provided by third parties or their descriptions). Communicating through our platform does not mean support or verification by us, as we do not provide any guarantees or explanations regarding the accuracy, completeness, timing or content posted on your furniture platform by anyone.

Restrictions: Except as stipulated in these terms, you agree not to use, modify, re-copy, publish, sell, license, reverse engineering, unpack or exploit content or other materials without explicit written permission. Any commercial use relating to the specifications of any product or the inclusion of experts for any other trader is excluded from your furniture permit using the site or platform. You are prohibited from using any method of extracting data or using roubates, information collection tools or oblique tools when you use your furniture platform, you can view and print a reasonable number of copies of web pages on the platform for your personal use, provided you retain all ownership loans contained in the original materials, including attribution to your furniture. * Ownership: You acknowledge and agree that your furniture platform and marks will remain the property of your furniture company. The content, information and services available on the platform are protected by international laws, copyrights, trademarks and other laws, and you recognize that these laws are valid and enforceable. You also acknowledge that you will not receive any property rights by using a platform

The terms of use involved in mobile devices (mobiles) if you enter your furniture through your mobile device using your furniture application, all the terms of use in the agreement apply, in addition to the mobile privacy policy and the applicable legal notice or the end user license agreement and depending on the status. The use of the app confirms that you agree to these terms of use.

Report violations of your intellectual property rights

We have approved and implemented certain copyrights and trademarks, for more information including detailed information on how to submit a removal request, if you believe that the content on your furniture platform violates your intellectual property rights, please read the copyright and trademark policy. We have no obligation to delete content that you may find personally or offensively, we at your furniture strive to respond promptly to requests for removal of content in line with our policies described above and applicable law.

Disclaimer and liability restrictions

Please read this section carefully, as it explains and determines the responsibility of your furniture to you. "Entities, platforms and units of your furniture" means Asask, any of its subsidiaries, related companies, suppliers, licensees, partners, officials, managers, employees, agents and representatives of each. Each provision below applies to the maximum permitted by applicable law: we provide you with the site, services, information, products, product specifications and third-party content on a "as it is" and "as available" basis without any guarantee of any kind, whether explicit or implicit. To name but a few, your furniture expressly discharges its responsibility for any guarantees or conditions relating to trade, address, accuracy, perfection, service delivery without interruption or defect in safety and convenience for a particular purpose, benefiting from service and non-violation, and any guarantees outside the course of commercial transaction or use. Your furniture does not make any commitments regarding liability and expressly relinquish it to the maximum extent permitted by law, in order to: (1) content declared by any third party on the site, and (2) product or product description,(3) Third-party sites or any third-party product or service listed or accessible through the site, and (4) the quality or conduct of any third party you deal with regarding your use of the site. * You agree that, under the maximum allowed by law, your furniture will not be responsible to you under any theory of liability. To name a few, you agree that your furniture will not be responsible for any indirect, accidental, consequential, private, expressive damage, loss of profits, business interruption, information damage or data loss (even if your furniture bodies have informed you of or predicted the possibility of such damage), they may occur in any way related to your use or inability to use the site or products. It is your sole responsibility to use the site, products, information or services.

Compensation will compensate your furniture, affiliates, employees, directors and agents (each of them separately) for any claim made by any third party, in addition to any amounts due to the third party, whether by settlement or otherwise, as well as the legal costs incurred by any of the parties insured, arising from or relating to your use of your furniture, any alleged violation by you of applicable conditions, or any violation of applicable law or regulations. We reserve the right and at our own expense to bear the exclusive defence and control an issue that is subject to compensation by you, but doing so does not exempt you from paying your compensation obligations.


We reserve this right at any time, in order to:

(1) Change the terms and conditions of this agreement in accordance with applicable law.

(2) Change your furniture platform, including removing or stopping any information, services or other features, whether in whole or in part.

(3) Refuse or terminate your furniture account, or use and access a platform.

Any changes we make to these terms and conditions will be immediately effective and available on your furniture platform. If you agree that you will continue to use the platform after these changes, it means that you agree with it. If you do not agree with any of these updates, you should not use the Atak platform. Make sure you return to this page constantly to ensure you know the latest version of the terms of use